Setting a New Standard for Excellence: The Torre Anseli Management Team and BOMA 360

For the Grupo MF/Cinsa management team at Torre Anseli, earning the BOMA 360 designation wasn’t just a way to stand out from the competition. Throughout the application process, the team gained valuable insights into areas where they could improve upon their already well-executed operations and management strategies—and those improvements make an especially big impact at an expansive structure that operates 24/7 and sees 12,000 visitors each day.

But the benefits of the BOMA 360 program don’t stop at Torre Anseli. By becoming the first in Mexico to earn the designation, the team is also raising the bar for commercial real estate in the increasingly competitive Mexico City market. Read the full article in BOMA Magazine to learn more about why the team considers earning the designation a point of pride and the larger impact they believe BOMA 360 will have on their local market.

Not only does earning the prestigious BOMA 360 designation tell the world that your building has achieved operational excellence, but it also provides tangible benefits—including higher tenant satisfaction levels and rental rates. More information on the benefits of earning the BOMA 360 designation can be found here.

“Applying for BOMA 360...gave us an invaluable new perspective into both how things are done at Torre Anseli and how things could be done better.”

—Carlos Salame, Grupo MF/Cinsa