Office Standard

BOMA 2024 FOR OFFICE BUILDINGS: STANDARD METHODS OF MEASUREMENT (ANSI/BOMA Z65.1-2024) is the latest update to the office standard, which has been regularly revised to reflect the changing needs of the commercial real estate market. BOMA’s 2024 Office Standard includes many new enhancements and clarifications to address evolving building designs and tenant amenities. 

This standard is intended exclusively for Office Buildings and their associated structures. It is applicable to all types of Office Buildings, regardless of the nature of the businesses they house; including but not limited to, various commercial, medical, institutional, and life science uses. It can be used for single tenant, multi-tenant, or multi-building configurations, and is suitable for measuring new, existing, and proposed Office Buildings. This standard does not include the measurement of public sidewalks, surface parking, landscaping, drainage structures, or other site improvements. The primary purpose of this standard is to calculate Rentable Area, a crucial metric in office leasing. Nevertheless, it also provides area figures useful for space utilization analysis, valuation, benchmarking, and allocating building expenses across different cost centers.

Tune into this webinar Understanding the BOMA 2024 Standard for Office Buildings to better understand applications of the latest standard.