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Green Leases: One Way Managers and Tenants Can Share Net Zero Goals

The wider adaptation of green leases is just one solution for owners, managers and tenants to work together on achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Of course, it is just one of a host of initiatives that can drive toward that goal, including data sha

Example: Technology, Internet, Artificial Intelligence

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Three Steps for Meeting Carbon-Reduction Goals

Buildings are responsible for 37% of global carbon emissions and 34% of energy demand worldwide – because of this, the built environment is an important part of any discussion on carbon reduction - so says a recent CBRE report. Self-imposed and gove

5/24/2024Ella Krygiel  

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Greening the Urban Landscape: How Urban Farming is Transforming Buildings with BOMA BEST®

In the heart of our bustling cities, a quiet revolution is taking place. Rooftops and balconies, once underutilized spaces, are blooming into vibrant farms, thanks to the innovative practices of urban farming. This transformation is supported by the

4/23/2024BOMA International and Microhabitat  

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BOMA Brings BEST Practices Criteria to the US

What can BOMA BEST do in the US? Loots explained that, in Canada, it has achieved a 25% reduction in energy in participating buildings and a 36% reduction in water use. Want more? BOMA BEST protocols also cut greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive

8/16/2023John Salustri  

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Rebuilding Better: A Greener Approach to Tenant Build-Outs

Whether it’s the demise of the open office floor plan or a resurgence in remote work, the jury remains out on what a post-COVID-19 office will entail.

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Playing The Long Game With Your HVAC Systems

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the work being done by commercial real estate professionals has changed, but it’s more important than ever.

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