Asset Management

BOMA Asset Management Course Series

Well-trained employees are a great asset! The Asset Management Course Series is a three-part course series designed to help experienced commercial real estate professionals take a deep dive to better understand the asset management function. Each course is a stand-alone program. The courses do not need to be taken in order. They are offered through your local BOMA association, or are available for commercial rea estate firms to offer as part of their corporate training. Learn more .

The Business of Buildings: A Property Manager’s Guide to Asset Management

BOMA International partnered with BOMI to develop an intensive two-day online certificate program. You will learn the fundamental competencies of asset management – an essential skill set for today’s property manager, and gain a better understanding of how to communicate with the owner and asset manager. This modular program is a focused sequence of five one-hour sessions, culminating with a two-hour capstone exercise. The program is currently offered virtually. Learn more and register here.

Creating Asset Value Education Track

The BOMA International Conference & Expo features an education track each year on Creating Asset Value. The track consists of 6 – 8 separate sessions designed to help you gain further knowledge of the asset management function in commercial real estate, covering everything from policies, leases and negotiations to decision-making skills. Learn more.