BEEP® is the industry standard for energy management training. The six-module curriculum, first launched in 2007, was completely revised and updated in 2016. The new BEEP® v2.0 reflects the latest industry trends, new technologies, and best practices to help the commercial real estate industry reduce energy consumption and improve the energy performance of real estate assets.

Added in 2017, two new modules, called BEEP® Plus, were added to supplement the core BEEP v2.0 curriculum. The supplementary courses take an in-depth look at trends, concepts and technologies that have recently emerged or evolved.

Also introduced in 2017, BEEP® for Industrial Properties focuses on understanding energy efficiency’s role in sustainable—and profitable—industrial warehouse buildings. Similar to the original BEEP program, it contains modules covering everything from fundamentals of energy management to creating an energy management plan to common benchmarking reporting tools.

Where and how is BEEP® available?

  • Webinar course series
  • Live at BOMA conferences and other industry events
  • Hosted by local BOMA associations across the country
  • Corporate licensing available for internal training

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