Mixed-Use Standard

BOMA Mixed-Use Standard Cover Image

Floor measurements in mixed-use properties often presents challenges to property professionals. Mixed-Use Properties: Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.6—2012)  provides the measurement methodology for properties containing two or more use components, such as office, retail, industrial, single or multi-tenant residential, hospitality, entertainment, and both public and private civic and institutional buildings.

Features of the Mixed-Use Standard include:

  • Classification of floor areas into three components--use components, parking components and mixed-use common areas.
  • Method to measure the exterior gross areas of use components for office, industrial, retail and multi-unit residential use components, for which rentable area, gross leasable areas or unit areas are individually measurable using measurement standards published by BOMA.
  • Method to measure the exterior gross area of use components for which BOMA International does not publish specific measurement standards, such as hotels, theaters, institutional and civic uses, and of parking components
  • Method to measure the exterior gross areas of mixed-use common areas and fairly allocate those areas among all use components and parking components within a mixed-use property.