Mixed-Use Standard

BOMA 2021 for Mixed-Use Properties: Standard Method of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.6—2021) is the update to the 2012 Mixed-Use Standard and is intended exclusively for Mixed-Use Properties and their associated structures. The standard is chiefly designed to generate Mixed-Use Common Area allocations on a proportionate basis according to the relative sizes of each Mixed-Use Component for integration with applicable single-use BOMA Standards. It also produces area figures which may be of interest to those examining space utilization, valuation, benchmarking and the allocation of building expenses to various cost centers.

To establish the proportionate allocation of mixed-use common areas to the mixed-use components, the 2021 Mixed-Use Standard relies upon the BOMA 2018 Gross Areas Standard (ANSI/BOMA Z65.3—2018) as its foundation. Once established, the apportioned mixed-use common areas may be applied to a compatible single-use BOMA Standard or non-BOMA methodology that corresponds to each mixed-use component.

Features of the 2021 Mixed-Use Standard:

  • Follows the new format introduced with the 2017 Office Standard—published in landscape to align the standard’s language with the accompanying illustrations, presented in a step-by-step format to make it easier to follow and rewritten to make it easier to understand the concepts and methodologies, including helpful hints.
  • Incorporates best-practice guidance developed after the publication of the 2012 Mixed-Use Standard to address ambiguities and inconsistencies in the 2012 standard.
  • Provides for a single, simplified methodology for determining Mixed-Use Common Area allocations.
  • Features a Global Summary of Mixed-Use Areas spreadsheet and a generic Global Summary of Areas spreadsheet to apply non-BOMA methodologies to mixed-use components.
  • Allows flexibility to separately disclose areas of interest.
  • The Interior Gross Area (IGA)/Exterior Gross Area (EGA) ratio has been removed.
  • The 2021 Mixed-Use Standard is compatible with most legacy BOMA standards.

Download the 2021 Mixed-Use Properties Standard Fact Sheet for a quick reference on what’s new in the 2021 Mixed-Use Standard.