Industrial Real Estate

Booming Industrial Sector Reaches New Heights

Last year, industrial real estate reached new heights, which is quite the accomplishment for a sector already known for its red-hot performance.

Example: Technology, Internet, Artificial Intelligence

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Industrial Demand: A Market Revolution

When asked about the health of the industrial sector, property experts agree: Industrial remains one of the strongest components of the real estate marketplace—and, thankfully, it will continue to do well in the foreseeable future.

9/9/2021Linda K. Monroe  

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Industrial Real Estate Is Booming

The U.S. industrial market entered 2020 with 11 consecutive years of growth. The question was how long this expansion could continue. As it turns out, not even a global pandemic could slow down industrial real estate.

12/3/2020James Breeze  

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The Myth of Broom Clean in Industrial Assets

Don’t you just hate when this happens to you? Your tenant has vacated and now you launch into the cleanup. You know, the standard stuff, like the removal of enough dirt to total $300,000 in disposal costs.

4/6/2020John Salustri  

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When the Supply Chain Ends at Your Doorstep, It's Time to Adapt

Logistics real estate used to be back of mind. Warehouses and distribution centers were planted in remote locations, where costs for land, labor and taxes were low. Today, thanks to e-commerce and rising service level expectations, shortening time an

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A Culture of Teamwork

As commercial real estate firms look to rebalance their portfolios with more lucrative industrial assets, property managers with years of experience in the office sector might find themselves thrust into a new role.

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Industrial Strength Sustainability

The word “industrial” is more likely to conjure up images of billowing smokestacks and miles of concrete than solar panels and bike racks, but innovative industrial property professionals are proving that industrial can be just as “green."

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The Next “Industrial Revolution”

The U.S. industrial sector, long considered the hottest in the commercial real estate industry, even in the midst of a slow economic recovery, isn't showing any signs of cooling just yet.

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Avoiding Disputes Over the Condition of Industrial Properties Upon Surrender

In any well-crafted lease, clear and careful drafting avoids disputes between landlord and tenant—and the resulting acrimony and expense.

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