Pandemic Lessons Learned—So Far

Mark Dukes, BOMA Fellow, CCIM, RPA, says he’s ready now for virtually anything: “Storms? Okay. Blackouts? Bring it on. Pandemics? Sure. We have a procedure for that.”

Example: Technology, Internet, Artificial Intelligence

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Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19 Vaccines and Mitigation Measures

Since the start of the pandemic, landlords and property managers have been working with tenants to create a safe and healthy environment for building occupants.

3/18/2021Karli Lubin, Esq.  

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BOMA International’s Coronavirus Resource Center

As global concern over the novel coronavirus (now known as COVID-19) increases, BOMA International is actively working to provide commercial real estate professionals with credible information on how to mitigate the potential health and business impa

3/5/2020BOMA International  

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Emergency Preparedness At Your Fingertips

Building emergencies are nothing new. But, thanks to that glowing device in your pocket (and a little help from the cloud), there are new wrinkles to how we respond and how we recover.

10/6/2019Liz Wolf  

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Property Managers Rally In The Face Of Crises

Let’s face it. No building manager can be fully armed against all risk to life and business at all times, unless they work in a fortress—and who wants to work in a fortress? Yes, there will be times when they’ll be caught off guard. Then, every event

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What Does Resilience Mean for Commercial Real Estate?

Around the world, the frequency, intensity and impacts of natural disasters are increasing. These events can significantly affect the social, economic and environmental functionality of communities.

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