Torre Anseli Ushers in New Era for Mexico's Office Market

By Tanner Johnston

Mexico City is an energetic, sprawling metropolis that is rapidly gaining recognition as a world-class commercial real estate market. With new construction making up 90 percent of the market’s building stock and multinational companies looking to the Mexican capital for flagship office space, office buildings in Mexico City are quickly recognizing the importance of staying one step ahead of their competition.

That’s why Carlos Salame, COO at Grupo MF/Cinsa, decided to pursue the BOMA 360 designation for his building: "There really isn’t any other program that recognizes excellent building operations like BOMA 360 in Mexico, and we wanted Torre Anseli to be the first to achieve it."

The property itself is the definition of high profile: The 80,000-square-meter (approximately 800,000-square-foot) office tower is situated in the bustling core of the southern half of Mexico City, with access by car, public transit and foot traffic. Many commuters get around the city by car, and Torre Anseli accommodates its vehicle-using guests with an enormous underground parking structure. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and accommodates more than 13,000 occupants and visitors every day. The property was developed on top of a shopping mall, giving tenants easy access to a variety of convenient amenities.

Although it’s clear that Torre Anseli is an example of operational excellence, Salame and his property team weren’t willing to rest on their laurels. "We are always looking for new ways to innovate and to keep our tenants happy. When we learned about BOMA 360, we knew it would give us an advantage among our competitors," he explains. Despite their hectic workflow, the team made a plan to methodically complete the application by divvying up each section to their different members and held weekly meetings to track their progress and identify areas where they needed to improve their own documentation or management strategies. "Applying for BOMA 360 really took us out of our comfort zone in a way we hadn’t ever experienced before. It gave us an invaluable new perspective into both how things are done at Torre Anseli and how things could be done better," adds Salame.

"[BOMA 360] gave us an invaluable new perspective into both how things are done at Torre Anseli and how things could be done better."

-Carlos Salame, Grupo MF/Cinsa

Things are heating up in Mexico City, and Salame predicts an even brighter future for his city’s commercial real estate market. He and his team take great pride in their accomplishment, and they believe the BOMA 360 designation will play a key role in helping commercial properties in Mexico City differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded market. In fact, since earning the designation, Salame has already been contacted by other property managers in Grupo MF/Cinsa about how they can earn the designation for their own buildings. "Now that we’ve succeeded in obtaining 360, everybody else wants it too," says Salame.

This article was originally published in the May/June 2019 issue of BOMA Magazine.