BOMA Standards

For more than a century, BOMA International has set the standard for measuring buildings. In 1915, BOMA published its first office standard, Standard Method of Floor Measurement. Throughout the years the standard has been revised to reflect the changing needs of the real estate market and the evolution of office building design. Today, BOMA International is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) secretariat for a suite of area measurement standards.

BOMA Floor Standards Interpretations Documents: Best Practice Guidance »

Floor Measurement Best Practices

Need additional best practice guidance on BOMA’s floor measurement standards. These official Interpretations provide further explanations of terminology and methodology.

BOMA Floor Standards Requests for Interpretation »

Have a question about the proper interpretation of a BOMA floor measurement standard? The Interpretations Subcommittee of the BOMA International Floor Measurement Standards Committee will address written requests for interpretation. Find out how to submit a question.

BOMA Standards Education »

BOMA International offers on-demand webinars and classroom instruction. Learn more.

BOMA Floor Standards Development Program »

BOMA International develops floor measurement standards following the procedures approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Learn more about BOMA’s standards program.

International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) »

As a founding member of the IPMS Coalition, BOMA International is committed to the development and implementation of global standards for the measurement of real property. The BOMA area measurement standards are incorporating the IPMS standards within its standards. Learn more about IPMS.