Industrial Standard

From the first skyscrapers to modern industrial complexes, BOMA has been defining the way properties are measured for more than 100 years. The industrial standard was developed by BOMA International and the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors® Industrial Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI Z65.2 – 2012) details procedures for determining the area of an industrial building using the two dominant market measurement practices—Exterior Wall Methodology (Method A) or  Drip Line Methodology (Method B).

Features of the Industrial Standard include:

  • Measurement information for determining and calculating rentable area for both single occupancy and multiple occupancy in both one-story and multi-story buildings.
  • 22 definitions of common terms used in industrial building measurement.
  • Illustrations throughout that demonstrate different measurement methodologies for various building sizes and occupancy types.
  • Information on areas/items to be excluded in floor area calculations, as well as special conditions.

BOMA Industrial Standard Education:
BOMA Industrial Measurement Standard Seminar