Taking Care of Business

July 22, 2021 • BOMA International

Highlights from BOMA International’s July 2021 Board of Governors Meeting 

BOMA leadership from across the United States and around the world gathered online July 12, 2021, for the association’s third-ever virtual Board of Governors meeting. As the first order of business, the board approved three new Life Members: Todd Mabey of BOMA/Utah; Wade W. Lange, FMA, of BOMA/Oregon; and Allyson Peters of BOMA/Orlando. Outgoing BOMA International Chair Shelby Christensen, LEED Green Associate, recognized and thanked each of the new Life Members for the many contributions they have made to BOMA on the local, regional and international levels. Next, the board voted to expand the territory covered by BOMA/Indianapolis from the Indianapolis metropolitan area to the entire state of Indiana and change the local association's name to BOMA/Indiana.

Keeping consistent with her uplifting leadership throughout the past year, Christensen then reflected on BOMA’s latest successes and shared an optimistic perspective for the future during her Chair’s Report. Making note of her unique experience serving as chair in a virtual-first environment, Christensen pointed out that “there were upsides,” like not forgetting anyone’s name thanks to the participant name labels provided during Zoom meetings. Strategically speaking, Christensen explained that there were also some notable advantages that came along with an undeniably challenging year, including the acceleration of BOMA International’s implementation of its strategic plan. “The pandemic has challenged all of us in fundamental ways; BOMA—at all of its levels—has responded in valuable ways as a community, strategic business partner and problem solver,” said Christensen. She applauded the association’s swift shift to virtual education and networking opportunities, heightened emphasis on just-in-time thought leadership and communications and robust advocacy presence at the local, state and federal levels. But as Christensen noted, the BOMA network is now tasked with its next challenge, which is to build upon this momentum and continue expanding the value and impact of the association. “At the end of the day, our effectiveness comes from our collective wisdom, experience and drive. The result is an organization valued and relied upon by owners and managers, applauded for its effectiveness as advocates for commercial real estate and respected for what we stand for as an organization,” she concluded.

After delivering her report, Christensen took a moment to present the prestigious Chair’s Award to BOMA International’s outgoing Secretary/Treasurer Keith Major, CPM. Major was honored for his many contributions to BOMA International, especially during his second term as Secretary/Treasurer, during which he helped guide the Executive Committee and Finance Committee on critical budgetary decisions amid COVID-19-related challenges. Major thanked Christensen for the recognition and shared his gratitude with the BOMA community for their support throughout his two back-to-back two-year terms in the Secretary/Treasurer role. He then proceeded to deliver his final financial report before the Board of Governors, making note of the organization’s overall positive financial rebound from the pandemic thus far.

After the Financial Report, Geoff Wardle, BOMA Fellow, chair of BOMA International’s Government Affairs Committee, delivered an update on all things BOMA advocacy. The report began with an announcement that, as part of a restructuring of the Government Affairs Committee, there will now be a new subcommittee focused on federal legislation. Wardle explained that this new subcommittee comes at an opportune time for BOMA to play a critical role in influencing policy around key issues like taxes, workforce development and energy and environmental matters. On the BOMAPAC front, Wardle revealed a fun, summer-themed gift package that will be offered to political action committee contributors later this month to thank them for their support. The report concluded with an update on the latest Industry Defense Fund (IDF) projects. Wardle explained that one application was approved by the Oversight Committee in 2021: A joint application from BOMA/Chicago and BOMA/Suburban Chicago that supports a class action suit against a major utility company to ensure commercial rate payers are fairly reimbursed after the utility company was found to have engaged in a bribery scheme. 

Dave Dabson, CCIM, CPM, RPA, chair of the BOMA 360 Performance Program Council, shared a report on the program’s recent success. “Over the years, the BOMA 360 Performance Program has seen a strong show of participation by some of the industry’s biggest names. We’ve also witnessed increasing interest among smaller companies that view the BOMA 360 designation as an opportunity to implement universal best practices across all their assets. Small and large companies alike have been guided by the industry’s oldest and most respected name: BOMA,” said Dabson. And, according to Dabson, that interest has translated into a record-breaking past several quarters for the program and hundreds of new buildings designated around the world. As he pointed out, it even has led to some friendly competition among firms vying for a place on the “Top 10 Companies with the Most BOMA 360 Buildings” leaderboard, which currently shows The RMR Group in the lead.

Next, the following four individuals were recognized as Regional Members of the Year: Middle Atlantic Region—Caroline Kruger, CPM, RPA, LEED Green Associate, of BOMA/Metropolitan Washington (AOBA); Pacific Southwest Region—Karen Cowan of BOMA/Oakland-East Bay; Southern Region—Russell Copeland, of BOMA/Georgia; and Southwest Region—Kristine Lang, RPA, of BOMA/Greater Dallas. This award honors a BOMA member who has demonstrated leadership skills; participated in local, regional and international association activities as an officer, committee chair or member; and contributed time and talent to the local community, among other distinctions.

The new 2021 class of BOMA Fellows also was celebrated during the virtual meeting. BOMA Fellows have displayed exemplary and sustained contributions to the industry, their profession, the community and BOMA through leadership and service. This year’s group of new fellows are: George E. Denise, BOMA Fellow, BOMI-HP, CFM, FMA, LEED AP, RPA; Anne Marie Guèvremont, BOMA Fellow, CPM, RPA; Scott O. Jones, BOMA Fellow, PE; and Robert M. Six, BOMA Fellow.

Later that afternoon, BOMA International’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Committee Chair, Sandrena Robinson, BOMA Fellow, LEED Green Associate, delivered a report on the committee’s latest activities and shared a personal testimony on the importance of advancing DE&I initiatives across the commercial real estate industry. “I am so proud of the [BOMA International] committee we have put together and the work they have done this past year. . . We have focused all of our work around a simple but powerful vision: To advocate for a welcoming and safe community that ensures diversity, equity and inclusion with equal opportunity and a sense of belonging for all,” said Robinson. She then explained that among other projects, these efforts have resulted in the development of an online resource library and both new and continued partnerships with other organizations on DE&I initiatives. “There is a lot to do and a lot of excitement over the progress we have made to date,” Robinson concluded.


The meeting came to a close with the official swearing in of new leadership, including the 2021-2022 BOMA International officers:

Chair and Chief Executive Officer Mark Dukes, BOMA Fellow, CCIM, RPA, of BOMA/Georgia;
Chair-Elect Randal Froebelius, BOMA Fellow, P.Eng, of BOMA/Toronto;
Vice Chair Robert M. Six, BOMA Fellow, of BOMA/Chicago; and
Secretary/Treasurer Murray S. Greene, BOMA Fellow, CPM, RPA, SMA, of BOMA/Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches.

Also sworn in were new 2021-2023 Executive Committee members:

Traci Devereaux
of BOMA/Fort Worth;
Gregory C. Grainger, BOMA Fellow, CCIM, CPM, RPA
, of BOMA/Greater Dallas (Second term);
Kjersten Jaeb, RPA,
of BOMA/Greater Minneapolis;
Manuel Moreno
of BOMA/Oakland-East Bay (Second term);
Geoffrey Wardle, BOMA Fellow
, of BOMA/Idaho; and
Christine Alamed, C.C.E, GBAC-TT, of BOMA/Baltimore (Associate Member).

After being sworn in, Dukes spoke about his vision for his time as chair and concluded by sharing his excitement to recalibrate together in-person at the 2021 BOMA International Conference & Expo in Boston this fall: "I cannot wait to see you all in October. One tip: If you aren’t hugging people at that point, you’ll have to give me a signal. Otherwise, I’m coming at you with open arms.”