BOMA Helps Launch Healthy Workplaces Coalition

June 2, 2022 • BOMA International

On May 25, 2022, BOMA International helped launch the nonpartisan Healthy Workplaces Coalition to champion policy proposals that support health, safety and well-being across the built environment. The coalition will advance federal incentives and other policies that help businesses better afford and implement health and safety improvements in offices and other work environments—both now and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic—for the benefit of employees, customers and the public. As a founding association and a member of the coalition’s Steering Committee, BOMA International will direct coalition efforts to ensure the commercial real estate industry has the resources necessary to provide and maintain healthy workplaces.

Businesses need education and financial assistance to accelerate and deploy proven workplace solutions and strategies to address COVID-19, as well as broader health and safety-related issues of the future. While several relevant policy proposals have emerged in recent years, further action is needed to help businesses create and maintain healthy workplaces.

“BOMA International is proud to be a founding partner of the Healthy Workplaces Coalition,” says Pearce Crosland, director of Federal Affairs at BOMA International. “As businesses continue their return to in-person work, maintaining clean and healthy office spaces is vital in keeping our employees, tenants and the public safe and healthy.”

More than 40 trade associations, nonprofit organizations and industry-leading companies have signed on to the Healthy Workplaces Coalition to date. The coalition’s Steering Committee continues to welcome interested participants and anticipates that membership will expand over the next several months.

“BOMA International looks forward to collaborating with partners across various industries to identify best practices to deliver clean, healthy and safe spaces for employers and employees alike,” adds Crosland. “The Healthy Workplaces Coalition will serve as a key advocacy group to educate members of Congress on the importance of providing resources for the commercial real estate industry to achieve these goals.”

More information can be found in the coalition’s one-pager.