BOMA 360 Reaches New Heights with Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower—the second-tallest building in the world—is a marvel in the truest sense of the word, with the Guanfu Museum, multiple gardens, a hotel, restaurants and a significant amount of office space among its many impressive features. Managing this unique, multi-functional building comes with a special set of challenges, like keeping a 1,000+ member operations team running smoothly. CBRE Property Management Company Limited knew that the BOMA 360 Performance Program could be leveraged for all buildings — from small properties to the most complex. They sought the best-in-class asset management standards offered by the BOMA 360 program to help them manage Shanghai Tower at the highest level.

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Not only does earning this prestigious designation tell the world that your building has achieved operational excellence, but it also provides tangible benefits. Commercial properties with the BOMA 360 designation have higher tenant satisfaction levels, command higher rental rates and experience lower vacancy rates than buildings without the designation.

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"Through the BOMA 360 designation process, Shanghai Tower has based its operation and management system on the best international standards and cultivated a world-class property team. It was a great honor and an important first milestone for us to earn the BOMA 360 designation."

—Gu Jianping, President, Shanghai Tower Construction & Development Co., Ltd.