FBI Chicago Regional Field Office Holds the Secrets of Property Management

With high-level security protocols in place and a huge demand on round-the-clock energy use, the FBI Chicago Regional Field Office is one of the greenest in the city and a unique example of operational success.

This complex property's BOMA 360 designation relied on thoughtful leadership and a dedicated team to carefully balance the desire for sustainability with strict security requirements and the protection of sensitive on-site systems. A designee since 2013, continued open communication between management and staff about options for improved maintenance and efficiency paid off financially within two years, and elevated the building’s status to an elite level. This story demonstrates that every type of property—including a highly-secure government facility—can achieve operational excellence.

As with other BOMA 360 properties, this building presents its own unique characteristics with a best-in-class team that uses the BOMA 360 operational foundation across all of their portfolio properties, building consistency and great service.

Read more how the FBI Chicago Regional Field Office’s property management team effort led to 360 success on the BOMA website. 

Not only does earning this prestigious designation tell the world that your building has achieved operational excellence, but it also provides tangible benefits. Commercial properties with the BOMA 360 designation have higher tenant satisfaction levels, command higher rental rates and experience lower vacancy rates than buildings without the designation.

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“The BOMA 360 designation is shorthand for being a great building."

—Rick Pospisil, Asset Manager, USAA Realty