Building Re-Tuning

Low-Cost, Data-Driven Approach to Guarantee Savings

What is BRT Training?

Building re-tuning is a systematic approach that property professionals can take to identify and correct small operational problems that lead to energy waste. The re-tuning process is designed to focus on no- and low-cost solutions that can be implemented in their buildings right away, without the need for costly capital improvements. During the process, property professionals make sure all regular maintenance has been done properly and is up-to-date. They also look closely at both the space and the equipment to check for any unnoticed maintenance issues, such as cracks or leaks, as well as less obvious problems, like an air gap.

Why BRT Training

Building Re-Tuning Training needs to be part of every building manager’s toolkit. BOMA International, through a partnership with the Department of Energy and the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation, has developed the Building Re-Tuning Training Program. The process identifies and corrects building operational problems that lead to energy waste, reducing a building’s energy usage by up to 25%. Virtually all building operations which undergo re-tuning save significant amounts of energy and money.

BRT Training Specifics and Details

  • Two trainings available - For buildings with a BAS and those without a BAS.>
  • The training is a blend of building walk-throughs and classroom instruction.

BOMA International Trained Instructors

Trainers for the BRT program are BOMA International Fellows who have completed specific training on the Building Re-tuning Training program.

Registration, Dates and Cost

  • Courses are only offered by BOMA local associations as classroom-based learning.
  • Each BOMA local association offering the course will schedule the course and determine the cost of the program.
  • Please contact your BOMA local association for area-specific details.

The U.S. Department of Energy funded the development of Building Re-Tuning Training. Much of the content of the Building Re-Tuning Training was developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Additional content was added and modifications were made by the Pennsylvania State University.

Supported in part by a grant from Yardi.

For information on conducting this training, please contact