Get to the problem before it even arises with a comprehensive preventive and predictive maintenance plan for the exterior of your property. BOMA's Guide to Exterior Maintenance Management helps property professionals implement maintenance strategies to avoid the time, inconvenience and extra expense of repairing or replacing roofs, windows, lighting and other systems prematurely.

The Guide to Exterior Maintenance Management covers the three main areas of maintenance: reactive, preventive and predictive. It also includes topics ranging from roofing systems to snow removal to pest management and contains checklists on subjects such as housekeeping inspection; exterior conditions; and roads, grounds and parking preventative maintenance.

The Guide to Exterior Maintenance Management is authored by P. Marc Fischer, MBA, CPM®, RPA, CCIM, BOMA Fellow.

Product Details

    Published: 2012
    ISBN(s): 9780977858767
    Number of Pages: 116
    File Size: 1 file , 3.6 MB
    Product Code(s): EXMAINE, EXMAINP, EXMAINB

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