Telecommunications Revenue from Building Rooftops

One of the more exciting opportunities created by 5G technology is the ability to generate revenue from a sometimes-overlooked space—a building rooftop.

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Three Perspectives on How AI Will Transform Real Estate

In JLL's 2023 Global Real Estate Technology Survey, AI and generative AI were ranked among the top 3 technologies that were expected to have the greatest impact on real estate over the next three years by investors, developers and corporate occupiers

5/20/2024Ella Krygiel  

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Harnessing Tech for Performance and Tenant Satisfaction

It is safe to say that the prospect of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) as performance tools in your building systems is less daunting than it once appeared. Ditto the utilization of cell phones, which can serve today in capacitie

8/4/2023John Salustri  

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Close-up on Technology Pavilion Exhibitors

The Technology Pavilion at the 2022 BOMA International Conference & Expo will showcase the building technologies, systems, data management solutions and business tools property professionals need to create and sustain high-performing assets.

4/11/2022BOMA International  

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2020 Vision: Predicting the Future of PropTech Investment

It’s easy to spot something new, but it’s not always easy to identify the beginning of a real trend. This past decade saw huge advancements in PropTech innovation; 2020 promises even more changes. Look out for these 15 trends.

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They Come in Peace: How Robots and Other Technologies are Changing Industry Roles

The reality of robots wandering a commercial property and performing basic management tasks is still many years away, and studies still indicates that when it comes to customer service and experiences, people prefer interacting with a person.

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Can You Hack It? Protecting Connected Buildings

A decade ago, the idea of a building being hacked may have seemed like science fiction. But, as technology has allowed commercial properties to operate more smoothly and efficiently, it also has left them vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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Reaching New Heights

Once thought impossible, the era of ropeless, sideways-moving elevators is finally here. We have come a long way since the 138-foot Home Insurance building opened in Chicago in 1884 as the world’s first skyscraper.

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