Schaumburg Corporate Center: Where Tenants Connect

January 15, 2021 • Caroline Pomilla

"The BOMA 360 program has provided Glenstar and its property teams with a strong framework....As a worldwide benchmark for operational best practices in commercial real estate, there isn’t a better designation for our projects."

— Michael Giese, Executive Director of Property Services, Glenstar

How do you make a one million-square-foot property feel like home—even when many tenants are still working from home? Ask the Glenstar property management team at Schaumburg Corporate Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. The three-building office complex is not only striking with its four-story glass atrium, but it also was thoughtfully designed to bring occupants together. In fact, it’s part of the Glenstar company mission to change the way people work and live by fostering a sense of community and connection among their tenants. To help make that mission a reality, the Schaumburg Corporate Center team turned to the comprehensive criteria provided by the BOMA 360 Performance Program.

"We pride ourselves on strong tenant engagement and community programs," says Michael Giese, BOMI|HP, LEED Green Associate, RPA, executive director of Property Services for Glenstar. "The BOMA 360 program has provided Glenstar and its property teams with a strong framework to review and validate the strength of our programming and offerings. As a worldwide benchmark for operational best practices in commercial real estate, there isn’t a better designation for our projects."

The strength of the Schaumburg property’s programming is quite clear, as the team performed exceptionally well in the BOMA 360 program’s Occupant Relations and Community Involvement evaluation category when they recently renewed their BOMA 360 designation. That’s not surprising considering that the criteria—which include items like tenant events, communications and community impact—align seamlessly with the five essentials of Glenstar’s tenant experience program (formally dubbed Glenstar Connect): Giving, Wellness, Convenience, Learning and Social.

In normal times, the property holds an assortment of more than a dozen on-site events each month, with attractions ranging from book clubs to Caprine Vinyassa (read: yoga class with goats). Adapting those offerings to the current COVID-19 landscape has been challenging for the team, but, as Giese puts it, "There’s never been a more important time to offer tenants the opportunities to engage with their coworkers and office community."

One of the ways the Schaumburg Corporate Center is adapting its programming is by offering a virtual course series focused on learning and growth. The series includes a variety of videos on demand designed to help occupants become masters of closet organization, mixology, professional elevator pitches and even the art of the selfie. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the property also has upheld its commitment to serving the local community—a key component of both the BOMA 360 and Glenstar Connect programs—by donating meals and masks to first responders.

Additionally, the property has bolstered its social media presence to increase communications and engagement with occupants. Taking the communications piece even further, Glenstar recently released a mobile app that will not only allow occupants to access the virtual offerings in a more convenient format, but it also will provide real-time updates on things like janitorial metrics so that tenants can stay informed on how Schaumburg Corporate Center is working to keep all of its occupants safe.

Another thing you’ll find via the app: a proud display of the BOMA 360 designation. "We market the BOMA 360 designation to our existing and prospective occupants through our Glenstar Connect app and other marketing materials," says Sheree Worcester, the property’s general manager and a Glenstar vice president. "We feel it’s important to let our community know what we’re doing to provide them with the best building experience," she explains. "The BOMA 360 designation allows our occupants to rest assured that Schaumburg Corporate Center continues to adhere to a trusted standard of operational excellence, and we’ll be ready to welcome them back to their home-away-from-home whenever they’re ready."

Until then, Schaumburg Corporate Center’s adapted tenant experience program offers ample opportunities for occupants to engage with one another and connect from anywhere. Even in a time of social distancing, Glenstar makes the office community feel closer than ever.

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