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Office Sector
The Office Isn’t Obsolete, But the Old Ways of Thinking Are

There will come a time—perhaps early in the new year, if the delta and omicron variants don’t get in the way—when corporate tenants return to their offices in droves.

Healthcare Real Estate
Taking the Pandemic Pulse of Healthcare Real Estate

Despite the challenges of the past year and a half, the healthcare real estate sector has proven itself as a resilient asset class. Want to read more? Read BOMA International’s Deep Dive, Taking the Pandemic Pulse of Healthcare Real Estate.

Go Your Drone Way

Drones are making inroads in virtually every walk of life, and commercial real estate is no exception. The impressive laundry list of uses for drones continues to grow.

Industrial Real Estate
Industrial Demand: A Market Revolution

When asked about the health of the industrial sector, property experts agree: Industrial remains one of the strongest components of the real estate marketplace—and, thankfully, it will continue to do well in the foreseeable future.