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Office Sector
Capitalizing on Real Estate’s Surprising Resilience: Three Key Trends to Watch in 2022

As we enter into the third year of the pandemic, the commercial real estate industry is caught between uncertainty and optimism. But, according to the experts, property professionals should be feeling more hopeful than hesitant in 2022.

Healthcare Real Estate
Taking the Pandemic Pulse of Healthcare Real Estate

Despite the challenges of the past year and a half, the healthcare real estate sector has proven itself as a resilient asset class. Want to read more? Read BOMA International’s Deep Dive, Taking the Pandemic Pulse of Healthcare Real Estate.

Telecommunications Revenue from Building Rooftops

One of the more exciting opportunities created by 5G technology is the ability to generate revenue from a sometimes-overlooked space—a building rooftop.

Go Your Drone Way

Drones are making inroads in virtually every walk of life, and commercial real estate is no exception. The impressive laundry list of uses for drones continues to grow.

Industrial Real Estate
Booming Industrial Sector Reaches New Heights

Last year, industrial real estate reached new heights, which is quite the accomplishment for a sector already known for its red-hot performance.