Website, E-Mail Signature and Social Media

Website: Be sure to put the BOMA 360 designee logo on your building's website.

E-mail signature: Let your contacts know, each and every time you send an e-mail, that your building has the prestigious BOMA 360 designation.

  • Include the BOMA 360 designee logo. (Download the logo.)
  • Or simply add the tagline "A BOMA 360 Performance Building."
  • Consider adding a link to the BOMA 360 webpage to make it easy for recipients to learn more about the BOMA 360 Program.

Social Media:

Four Steps to Building Buzz with Social Media

Step 1—Set up Google Alerts

The best social media efforts include a combination of content about your company, building or personnel AND content that has been published about your company, building, personnel or industry. That's where Google Alerts come in handy.

What are Google Alerts? It's a free tool to help you monitor anything on the web. Once you set up alerts for your search terms, you'll receive e-mails when Google finds new results that match your search criteria…including webpages, articles, blogs and more.

Why are Google Alerts important? It's an efficient and timely way for you to…

  • find out what is being said about your building or company,
  • keep your finger on the pulse of the market, and
  • monitor your competitors.

How do you get started? It's simple. Go to to set up your alerts. Be sure to enter a separate query for each term you'd like to track, i.e., your building name, company name, names of key personnel, and more if you like.

Step 2—Set Up Accounts in Your Selected Platforms.

The three main social media sites are Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. If your company or building already have a presence, great! If not, decide which one(s) are right for you and set up accounts for your building or company or both.

Step 3—Get Connected

Who do you want to reach? Who reaches the audiences you'd like to reach? What publications and editors are important to your industry? Do a little research and reach out to key influencers by following them on Twitter, and making connections on LinkedIn and Facebook. You will increase your potential exposure exponentially with the right connections.

Step 4—Start Posting

For effective messaging, it's helpful to include links to additional information that would be of interest to followers…such as webpages, articles, blogs, press releases, photos and more. It's a good idea to use a URL shortener, particularly with Twitter where you only have 140 characters., and TinyURL are all good options. You could use a dashboard site to manage all of your outposts to make posting updates simple and fast.

Tweet Ideas:

  • Proud to announce [name of building] just got the #BOMA360 designation [add your hash tag] [press release; add—shortened URL] #CRE
  • Kudos 2 the mgmt. team at [name of building] 4 getting the #BOMA360 designation from @BOMAIntl [add your hash tag]. Learn more [add shortened URL]
  • [Name of building] is now a #BOMA360 Performance Bldg! [add your hash tag] [add shortened URL]
  • What did it take for [name of building] to be named a #BOMA360 Performance Bldg? [Add your hash tag][Add shortened URL]
  • What's a #BOMA360 Performance Bldg and why does it set [name of building] apart? [Add your hash tag][Add shortened URL]
  • Celebrating #BOMA360 honor with our fab tenants at [name of building] [add your hash tag] [add picture of plaque at unveiling/event]

Tips for additional Tweets:

  • Be sure to retweet (RT) any tweets that feature your building or company.
  • Use relevant, interesting content you get from your Google Alerts. Be sure to include a link to the site, with a shortened URL, of course.

Facebook and LinkedIn Ideas:

  • It's been a great week at [building name]. So proud to announce that [building name] has been named a BOMA 360 Performance Building. [Add URL to press release, article or your website.]
  • We put the power of performance to the test… and we passed with flying colors. [Building name] has joined the elite group of BOMA 360 Performance Buildings. [Add URL to press release, article or your website]
  • We're all about adding value; find out why our designation as a BOMA 360 Performance Buidling is a big plus for our tenants. [Add URL to press release, article or your website]
  • C-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e good times, come on! We are unveiling our BOMA 360 Performance Building plaque on [add date] and showing our appreciation for our tenants with a [add type of event].
  • The BOMA 360 plaque is now proudly displayed in our lobby. Had a terrific event with our tenants to mark this important industry recognition. [Add photo(s)]