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Office Buildings Standard

​BOMA Sets the Standard in Measuring Buildings

BOMA_Office-Space_cover200x259.gifIn 1915, BOMA International published the first Standard Method of Floor Measurement for Office Buildings. It has been accepted and approved by the American National Standards Institute. Throughout the years, the standard has been revised to reflect the changing needs of the real estate market and the evolution of office building design.

This latest version, Office Buildings:​ Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.1 – 2010)​, provides a uniform basis for measuring rentable area in both existing and new office buildings by taking a building-wide approach to floor area measurement. It provides a methodology for measuring both occupant space as well as the space that benefits all occupants.

Features of the 2010 Office Standard include:

  • Single Load Factor Method calculation that can be applied to the occupant area of each floor to determine the rentable area and is the same for all floor levels of a building. This new “Method B” has been added as an option. The general methodology of the 1996 Standard has been continued to Legacy Method A.
  • A new class of space, “Occupant Storage,” for measuring certain occupant areas in a building, such as basement occupant storage, that is not calculated in the Single Load Factor.
  • Regional leasing practices, particularly for tropical climates, allow for enclosure requirements and limited (unenclosed) circulation.


Training on BOMA’s 2010 Office Standard

Learn how to maximize updates to the new 2010 Office Measurement Standard with BOMA’s live, hands-on seminar.
  • Review the 7 factors driving the changes to the BOMA 2010 Office Standard
  • Explain the new terminology and concepts in the new Standard
  • Examine the features and organization of the new Standard
  • Distinguish and choose between the two calculation methods offered in the new Standard
  • Explain the five simple steps to measuring office space
  • Offer the correct lease language to cite the new Standard
  • Review the main features of the BOMA 1996 Office Standard

Instructor: William Tracy, MBA, NCARB, Building Area Measurement LLC, Vice Chair, BOMA International Floor Measurement Committee. Bill was the principal author of the new Standard and is one of the industry’s leading experts on floor measurement standards.

For more information on these training workshops scheduled in your city, contact your local BOMA Association. For more information about course content, contact Catie Slye at

If you’re looking for immediate training on the new Office Standard, check out BOMA’s online course, Exploring and Using BOMA’s Office Measurement Standard 2010.

Or, if you’d just like a quick overview of the new Office Standard, access BOMA’s “on-demand” webinar, Understanding BOMA's Revised Floor Measurement Standard for Office Buildings.​