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BOMA Vlog Issue 17


BOMA’s Codes Team to Represent the CRE Industry at IgCC Hearings

As the only commercial real estate association with an active building codes team, BOMA International is on the front line in efforts to preserve safe, achievable and cost-effective building codes and standards against the growing influence of powerful groups lobbying for costly shifts in building regulations.

Our latest vlog features BOMA International’s new Director of Codes and Standards Kevin Fry and codes consultant Ron Burton as they discuss BOMA’s role at the upcoming International Green Construction Code (IgCC) hearings, where they will represent the interests of BOMA members and the entire commercial real estate industry.


A listing of the most critical code issues and the tools necessary to effectively discuss the proposals under consideration with your local officials are available in BOMA’s Code Development and Adoption Toolkit.

You can also keep up with all of the action at the IgCC hearings on Twitter by following Kevin (@KevinFryBOMA) and Ron (@ronburtonBOMA) beginning October 1.



Henry H. Chamberlain, APR, FASAE, CAE
President and COO
BOMA International

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