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Experience Exchange Report (EER)

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Behind Every Number Is a Story
2017 Experience Exchange Reports Now Available

Commercial properties are built on a foundation of data.  But if you’re only looking at the numbers from your own building, you’re not getting the whole story. Without context, these facts and figures—rental rates, operating expenses, fixed expenses—don’t tell you much about how well your building is operating in comparison to its competition.

BOMA International’s Experience Exchange Reports give you the context you need to make data-driven decisions that will affect your bottom line.

The just-released 2017 Office EER and Industrial EER are the commercial real estate industry’s most comprehensive and accurate benchmarking resources for the office and industrial sectors. Use the detailed income, expense and occupancy information from thousands of properties across hundreds of markets to evaluate your building’s operations, identify opportunities for cost savings, build better budgets, discover market trends and more.  With the interactive functionality of these online reports, you can sort by multiple building parameters and by countless line items to drill down to exactly the information you need to help your property succeed.

Put the industry’s most powerful business tool to work for you.  Subscribe to the Office EER and Industrial EER now at

logos.gifSince 2009, BOMA International has collaborated with the well-respected industry research firm Kingsley Associates to produce this powerful, new online edition of BOMA’s EER. The EER remains a BOMA product. Kingsley Associates is assisting in the collection, analysis and reporting of data.


In 2016, Waypoint, a financial benchmarking platform for the commercial real estate industry, partnered with BOMA International, to offer an automated process for companies who submit 20 or more buildings to the Office and Industrial EER. The EER remains a BOMA product. Waypoint is assisting in the collection, analysis and reporting of data.​





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