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Energy Efficiency_Energy Star Buildings

BOMA Position

Building owners and managers are encouraged to take voluntary steps to reduce energy consumption in their office buildings, where such improvements increase profitability and competitiveness.


Energy issues have always been of great importance to building owners and managers. BOMA recognizes that while utility deregulation may reduce the long-term cost of electricity, only upgrades utilizing energy efficient technology can reduce the amount of energy consumed. To this end, BOMA has been actively involved in several government and private sector projects that research energy issues and emerging technologies. BOMA also actively monitors energy efficiency standards, such as ASHRAE 90.1, to preserve building owners' options in selecting the energy-related systems or components that best meet their needs.

Recent Activity

At BOMA International's Annual Convention in June 2000, the Board of Governors approved a resolution to formalize our relationship with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by endorsing EPA's Energy Star Buildings program.

The Energy Star Buildings program is a voluntary energy efficiency endeavor for US commercial and industrial buildings. This effort seeks to highlight building areas where owners and managers can utilize proven conservation technology to increase building profitability. Through technological improvements such as lighting retrofits, building tune-ups, load reductions, fan system upgrades, and heating and cooling plant improvements, real estate professionals can enhance energy savings while lowering capital expenditures.

To assist in this, EPA has developed a software program called QuikScope. It uses customized data to demonstrate potential scenarios for financial energy savings, cost recovery, expense stops, and project financing. Thus, QuikScope provides building managers data to assess areas for enhancement and information to help convey possible upgrade options to owners and tenants.

Action Requested

BOMA members are encouraged to consider participating in the EPA Energy Star Buildings program and utilize the EPA's information, technical guidance, and planning support. These aids can be useful in researching and implementing energy efficient upgrades in ways that are profitable, utilize proven technologies, and lower capital expenditures. By doing so, building owners and managers can increase their buildings' competitiveness while conserving energy and protecting the environment. ​​​​​​​