BOMA International Deep Dives

Fasten your snorkel and get ready for an in-depth exploration of the latest trends and issues important to today’s commercial real estate industry. BOMA International has launched its all-new BOMA Deep Dive series, aimed at providing property professionals with an unparalleled, comprehensive perspective on today’s priority topics. Available exclusively to BOMA members, BOMA Deep Dives offer the expert insights and context you need to navigate the ever-evolving commercial real estate landscape. Consider this your personal invitation to go beyond the surface and discover answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. We’re going where the nitty-gritty meets the heart of the matter and then some. That’s a BOMA Deep Dive.


Read Now: Deep Dive No.2

As vaccine distribution accelerates across the U.S., property professionals and tenant occupiers are swiftly preparing for the “Great Return” of office workers. While mask-wearing requirements and social distancing measures have their clear place in these arrangements, there also is a critical human element that must be considered. Tenant Culture and the Psychology of the Return, the second in our series of BOMA Deep Dives, explores the role of the office in reconnecting a changed workforce.


Watch Now: A Deeper Dive with BOMA

Care to dive a little deeper? Check out this bonus video interview between the author of Tenant Culture and the Psychology of the Return and two industry experts who contributed to BOMA Deep Dive No. 2.


Past Excursions

Deep Dive No. 1 (February 2021)

Simply put, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing things for the commercial office sector—and it seems to be doing so in stages. Charting a Path to the Future of the Office, the first in our series of BOMA Deep Dives, provides a comprehensive snapshot of the industry amid transformation and demystifies the road to “Workplace 2.0.” And check out the bonus video interview between the author of Deep Dive No. 1 and two BOMA members who served as experts for this first BOMA Deep Dive.