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Building Owners and Managers Association International

Indoor Air Quality


BOMA International supports additional research and voluntary guidance on indoor air quality (IAQ), but opposes regulations that target building operation and management as the primary way to “solve” IAQ problems. IAQ regulations, if warranted, must be based on reliable evidence and scientific findings, not supposition. The challenge remains to separate anecdote from reality and target the sources of contaminants.


IAQ generally refers to the quality of the air in an office environment. This important issue is a continuing concern to property professionals, as the health, safety, and comfort of office occupants is the industry's highest priority. Some “experts” argue that the solution is to increase outside air ventilation rates and charge building management with record-keeping and other measures aimed at “managing” the problem. BOMA argues that the most effective way to attack the problem is to target the source of pollutants.

Laws and regulations designed to improve IAQ should be written into building codes and developed through the industry standards consensus process. The federal government should support the development of these standards through research and public education, focusing on government building operations and regulating the indoor use of harmful contaminants.​​