10 Most Recent BOMA Articles (from all topics)

Dueling Data: The Dilemma of Office Occupancies

These are complex times, made more complex by a stubborn economic environment and a deal-choking interest rate, the bitter pill of a Federal Reserve fighting to get inflation under control. All of this, of course, occurs as we still collectively unpa

Office Sector

9/26/2023John Salustri  

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Normalization Creeps Back Into the Industrial Marketplace

The industrial marketplace, after a pandemic-induced run-up in activity, is at last starting to slow down. But a slowdown does not always mean a slump, and normalization is the watchword as sales and construction activities retreat to pre-COVID-19 le

Industrial Real Estate

9/13/2023John Salustri  

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BOMA Brings BEST Practices Criteria to the US

What can BOMA BEST do in the US? Loots explained that, in Canada, it has achieved a 25% reduction in energy in participating buildings and a 36% reduction in water use. Want more? BOMA BEST protocols also cut greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive

Sustainability & Energy Management

8/16/2023John Salustri  

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Exploring the 20-Minute City

The 20-minute city continues to be seen as an idyllic approach to city planning. Here we break down some of the factors that go into creating a 20-minute city and what makes them so effective.

Tenant Experience

8/8/2023Lauren Moreno  

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Harnessing Tech for Performance and Tenant Satisfaction

It is safe to say that the prospect of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) as performance tools in your building systems is less daunting than it once appeared. Ditto the utilization of cell phones, which can serve today in capacitie


8/4/2023John Salustri  

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Green Leases: One Way Managers and Tenants Can Share Net Zero Goals

The wider adaptation of green leases is just one solution for owners, managers and tenants to work together on achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Of course, it is just one of a host of initiatives that can drive toward that goal, including data sha

Sustainability & Energy Management

7/31/2023John Salustri  

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Industrial Sector in 2023: Positive Forecast Despite Economic Slowdown

Despite a possible economic slowdown in 2023, a senior director of Industrial & Logistics Research for CBRE predicts: “Drivers of demand will provide some insulation from a downturn, and that will keep overall fundamentals positive.”

Industrial Real Estate

2/1/2023John Salustri  

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Healthcare Real Estate Will Continue to Feel Hardly Any Pain

From medical office buildings to life sciences, healthcare real estate is positioned for continued success as 2023 begins, various sources said. Among them, Gensler, the architecture and design powerhouse, shared five predictions.

Healthcare Real Estate

1/27/2023Rhonda Smith  

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Rising Stars 2023

Original thinking, a thirst for knowledge and—most importantly—enthusiastic dedication to the future of commercial real estate are common traits among this year’s “rising stars.” Four emerging professionals are recognized here.

BOMA News & Leadership

1/24/2023Linda K. Monroe  

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Electrification of Heat Gaining Steam in CRE

As decarbonization efforts gain momentum, the commercial real estate industry will face critical challenges in the next few years tied to how to heat buildings. “The big trend in the industry right now is electrification of heat..."

Sustainability & Energy Management

12/2/2022Rhonda Smith  

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