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Rich McClure



"We want [the Government Affairs Committee] to serve as a central ‘hub’ of resources for BOMA local associations across the country, so that members don’t need to duplicate efforts or start from scratch on every issue."


With 27 years of commercial property management experience, Rich McClure serves as managing director for Kennedy Wilson Properties. He currently chairs BOMA International’s Government Affairs Committee and co-chairs BOMA/Philadelphia’s Government Relations Committee. He also is a past president of BOMA/Philadelphia.

How did you get started in commercial real estate?

I joke that I turned left when I was supposed to go right and wound up here accidentally. After college, I took a job as a marketing consultant for a property management company, helping to recruit tenants and assist in internal deal analysis. After a few years, I was given the opportunity to try my hand at the management side of things, and I began working as the operations manager for a 32-story high-rise in Philadelphia before eventually transitioning into a full-time property management role.

I’m glad I made the proverbial left turn into commercial property management, because I love the challenges and opportunities that come with this job. I have a competitive streak, so I’m driven to make sure I’m always getting the best deal for my client. I’ve prided myself in supporting highly competitive buildings and portfolios, as well as building teams that can’t be matched.

As the chair of BOMA International’s Government Affairs Committee, can you talk about the kind of work the committee does?

We work to support the commercial real estate industry through advocacy, and a big part of that is supporting BOMA members in the work they are doing. We want to serve as a central "hub" of resources for BOMA local associations across the country, so that members don’t need to duplicate efforts or start from scratch on every issue. We cover a lot of legislative ground in the work we do. This work is amplified by the three subcommittees of the Government Affairs Committee: the Energy and Environment Committee, the State and Local Affairs Committee and the BOMAPAC Council.

The committee has produced a number of helpful resources, including the Energy Benchmarking Ordinances Engagement Toolkit. This resource was created to help local associations across the country work with their local lawmakers on emerging benchmarking ordinances. The committee also offers a state legislative tracking tool. BOMA members just need to provide the search terms or specific legislation that they want to track and BOMA International will send them monthly updates while the state legislature is in session. It can be extremely useful for members who want to stay on top of specific issues, but aren’t able to follow along with every legislative session.

BOMAPAC, BOMA International’s political action committee, also is a vital part of our advocacy efforts; it allows us to raise money for political candidates who understand and support policies that are good for commercial real estate. BOMAPAC has greatly increased its fundraising power this year, and we’ve created a guide for BOMA local associations that want to host their own BOMAPAC fundraisers.

What advocacy efforts have you seen centered on sustainability?

Last year, we had to recalibrate our advocacy priorities when the Trump administration introduced the possibility of cutting the ENERGY STAR® program. As most of our members know, ENERGY STAR and its Portfolio Manager® tool have become integral parts of our industry. Property managers all across the United States have used it for years to track and reduce their energy expenses. BOMA International’s newest sustainability initiative—the W2 Challenge—also encourages property teams to benchmark water and waste consumption through Portfolio Manager to drive property performance improvements.

When we found out that ENERGY STAR was in jeopardy, BOMA International marshalled its resources and spent months working with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to ensure the program would continue. I’m happy to say that ENERGY STAR was included in the funding bill passed in March at current funding levels.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Every Saturday regardless of the weather, I have breakfast with my father and brother. It’s a ritual we’ve had for years. We all seek balance in our lives, and keeping in touch with family helps us do that. Even after all these years, I can still keep them guessing about what I’ll order for breakfast!

This article was originally published in the May/June 2018 issue of BOMA Magazine.