From the BOMA Archives…

Rent Offices by the Hour

(This article was originally published in the May 1923 issue of The Bulletin, a precursor to today's BOMA Magazine. Today, flex space is commercial real estate’s fastest-growing market. While modern coworking spaces include much more than four offices and three desks, it might be surprising that origins of the trend date almost an entire century back! One thing is for certain: Commercial real estate professionals are always working to accommodate tenant needs.)

A novel idea in office service has been inaugurated in the White-Henry-Stuart building in Seattle by Riddle & Murphy, who have a large suite at 3320-22. In this suite are four small private offices, and in the outside room is space for three desks.

Riddle & Murphy rent offices by the hour, week, month or year. They will care for mail and telephone calls, make appointments, arrange stenographic service, and in short, do all the things necessary to be done in the conduct of a first class office. For the person desiring an office for a short time, this service is particularly adapted. Branch offices have often used the Riddle & Murphy Service until the decision to establish permanent offices was final. This arrangement cuts clown the overhead for a man whose business takes him frequently out of town, and provides him with every facility for caring for his business during that time.