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The Remarkable Power of Instagram

Is your space Instagrammable? Instagram is an easy way to keep a building in the spotlight, especially if it boasts eye-catching lighting, colorful art, a water feature, an interesting sculpture—anything that people are excited to snap a photo of and post. The platform can highlight a building’s location, amenities and culture and help market space for prospective tenants looking to recruit talent.

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Sustainability: A Case Worth Making

Sustainable building operations are now considered best practice within the commercial real estate industry. But if sustainability is good for business, why do some buildings remain on the sidelines of the sustainability game? In the feature article of this issue of BOMA Magazine, experts discuss the potential challenges in building a “green” business case—and their strategies for success.

And, check out the rest of the May/June issue of BOMA Magazine, featuring topics ranging from how to prepare for the effects of climate change to how to create an “Instagrammable” building.

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BOMA International’s new advice column debuted in the most recent issue of BOMA Magazine. Find out what questions BOMA members are asking—and what industry experts have to say in response.

I’m concerned that my property team and I got off on the wrong foot with a new tenant. What’s the best way we can strengthen this relationship?

—Relationship Retrofit

Answered by John Oliver, BOMA Fellow: This is a great question and, unfortunately, something that has happened to most of us in commercial real estate. We have the best of intentions and plans, but something just goes wrong with getting a new tenant into their space. There is an old business adage that tells us it’s much cheaper to keep a customer than to find a new one. This is certainly true in commercial real estate leases...

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Childcare in the Building

For multitenant office buildings in competitive markets, keeping a building fully occupied can become an amenities arms race. Many property teams may have never even considered offering on-site childcare as a way to woo desirable tenants, but the move to invest in daycare space—either as an amenity or through a childcare-focused tenant—might just give them that competitive edge.

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Cleaning Up an Industrial Space

It’s a simple fact that industrial properties take more of a beating than office assets, a truth that, one might think, would be reflected in the language of the lease. But, not all leases are created equal, and they are subject to interpretation and, ultimately, the willingness and ability of the tenant to play along. At the end of the day—or, more appropriately, at the end of a lease—a triple-net arrangement provides no greater protection against a tenant’s lack of cooperation. There’s a balance that has to exist, an understanding between tenant and manager. But, how do you strike this balance?

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The Friendly Robot Invasion

Raise your hand if you’ve ever considered the following: “Could a robot do my job better than I can?” While the reality of robots wandering a commercial property and performing basic management tasks is still many years away from being implemented broadly, the quest for innovation isn’t going anywhere—and neither are transformational technologies like robots, drones, mobile apps, autonomous vehicles and even blockchain. By being well-versed in these technologies, property owners and managers can leverage them to positively impact the tenant experience, protect client investments and increase their on-the-job efficiency.

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How to Get Ahead of the Economic Cycle

The clock on this economic cycle is ticking. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know exactly when the alarm will sound. But, with the current expansion lasting nine and a half years, we almost surely stand closer to the next recession than the previous one. During the last cycle, many got caught flat-footed—not just by the magnitude of the recession, but by its timing. Even without a perfect crystal ball, we can look at previous downturns and glean useful information that can help the commercial real estate industry prepare for the eventuality of the next downturn.

The prospect of an outright recession in 2019 looks low, but a slowing in the economy looks increasingly likely. Commercial real estate could face challenges that it has not encountered in a few years, even without a technical recession. Thankfully, property professionals can at least consider several key things now to prepare for any slowing or disruptions in the market.

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Letting Go of Old Workplace Design Paradigms

Change, goes the cliché, is our only constant. It is self-evident to say that our world is changing, and that the pace of that change increases exponentially. There are few examples where the tectonic shifts of "change" register as much and as deeply as they do with the workplace, especially when it comes to design and operations. By monitoring the seismology of the field, it’s possible to understand where the commercial real estate industry is heading; what owners and managers can expect; and how best to future-proof real assets.

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The Mindful Workplace

The evolution of technology has allowed us greater control over the workplace than ever before. As these possibilities open up, property professionals and their tenants have the opportunity to think more critically about the spaces they are creating. The growing wellness movement is focused on finding workplace solutions that create happier, healthier work environments that entice workers. Many of these proposed solutions come with claims of how they positively impact the human brain. But, what do we actually know about the built environment and brain science?

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