Partners in Sustainability: The RMR Group and the National Park Service

When The RMR Group set out to earn the BOMA 360 designation for the National Park Service’s Lakewood, Colo., building, they knew that they could count on their tenants for assistance throughout the application process. By working together, they were able to achieve their goals of ensuring all-around excellence and showcasing the building’s efficient operations — all while forming a stronger relationship.

The process also helped to foster a sense of comradery between the property management team and their RMR Group colleagues across the United States. The property team at the National Park Service Building found that they could gather insights from a network of peers who had first-hand experience with the program, due to the more than 40 BOMA 360-designated buildings in The RMR Group’s portfolio. Read the full article in BOMA Magazine for more information about the benefits that The RMR Group received by going through the designation process with their tenant and their team.

Ensure that your assets meet the highest standards of excellence in all major areas of building operations and management—and make your tenants happier! BOMA 360 buildings scored higher than the Kingsley Index in 100 percent of tenant satisfaction categories. Learn more about the benefits of earning the BOMA 360 designation here.

“No matter how long you’ve been a property manager, no matter how proud you are of your building, there’s always something new to learn about improving your operations. BOMA 360 gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate yourself and see where you can do better."

—Julia Paluka, The RMR Group