Tenant And Owner Communications

Keep your BOMA 360 designation front and center before your tenant and owners every time you communicate with them. Be sure every piece of correspondence at least includes the 360 logo.

Logos: Be sure to include the BOMA 360 designee logo on all tenant communications. Make it easy by creating templates to use over and over again for the following:

  • Letterhead
  • Elevator signs
  • Notifications
  • Invoices
  • Newsletters--printed and email versions
  • Business cards

Tenant Newsletters: Be sure to include short features about your designation...

  • BOMA 360 announcement article Get the template.
  • BOMA 360 celebration event for tenants
  • Photos from celebration event and short quotes from tenants about the designation (most people like to be in the spotlight)
  • Create a “Your Building in the News” feature and include any press coverage for the building

BOMA 360 Letter to Tenants - Get the template.

BOMA 360 Letter to Owners - Get the template.