Your attainment of the BOMA 360 designation for your building is newsworthy! Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to get coverage in the press. Here are some easy steps to follow to implement your media campaign.

1. Issue a press release. Feel free to draft your own or use this press release template.

2. Use an online press release distribution service such as  or PRNewswire  to optimize your release for search engines (SEO) and increase your reach exponentially. Each service offers easy instructions for uploading your release and targeting the right audiences.

3. Reach out to your local media contacts and owner. Once your release has been posted by an online distribution service (you'll get email notification), you will have a custom URL for your release. Send an email to your BOMA local association, local press contacts and owner with a friendly message letting them know that a new press release is available for your company and provide them with the URL.

4. Use Google Alerts to monitor the Web for new content and press coverage about your building and your company. It's easy to set up Google Alerts and, once you do, you'll receive email updates when your building or company are mentioned in news, publications, blogs and on other Web sites. It's also a great way to track your competition, your owner and your local market. Set up Google Alerts.