Broker And Leasing Agent Materials

The BOMA 360 Program is an important selling point for prospective tenants and investors looking to add assets to their portfolios. Be sure that each and every item that is available to brokers and leasing agents includes the BOMA 360 identifier and basic information about what it means to have the BOMA 360 designation.

Boilerplate Options:

The boilerplate copy can be easily included in all marketing collateral, including:

  • CoStar listings sure to include the BOMA 360 designation in the "building details" section.
  • Building fact sheets, flyers, brochures and cover letters
  • Leasing proposals

Logos in print and online ads—download a high-resolution logo for print or

a low-resolution logo for web.

Visibility in space being shown

  • Sign with BOMA 360 logo on stand or tabletop
  • Marketing materials with boilerplate copy included
  • Fact sheet about BOMA 360

Talking Points for Conversation with Brokers -Get the talking points

BOMA 360 Letter to Brokers -Get the template

BOMA 360 Fact Sheet for Brokers -Get the template

BOMA 360 Infographic