Real Estate ISAC (RE-ISAC)

The Real Estate Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RE-ISAC) is a public-private information sharing entity between the U.S. commercial facilities sector and the federal government which serves as the primary conduit of terrorism, cyber and natural hazard warning and response information.

The role of the RE-ISAC is to support commercial real estate by providing critical information on potential human-caused incidents and natural disasters to enable them to identify potential risks, mitigate them to the extent possible, respond effectively to any incidents that affect real estate assets and the people in them and restore normal operations as soon as possible following disruptions. In short, it is to enhance the resilience of the commercial real estate sector, which has been deemed by the government as a critical infrastructure component of our national economy and way of life.

Communications from RE-ISAC (including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security) to the real estate sector are most often in the form of Alerts and Informational Bulletins. These documents are emailed to the group and published on the RE-ISAC 's private website, accessible only to member-organizations like BOMA. BOMA members are entitled to full access to the RE-ISAC. If you would like to sign up, email John Bryant ( ) and specify for which region(s) you would like to receive alerts.