Security & Emergency Preparedness

In response to the growing concern over the coronavirus, BOMA International recently released a guide that provides up-to-date information regarding the outbreak of this new respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus, termed “2019-nCoV.” Although the CDC has stated that the immediate health risk from 2019-nCoV to the general American public is considered low at this point in time, this guide aims to provide the reader with a foundation of knowledge to better understand the contagion and how to best react in office settings.

BOMA International has been actively involved in developing best practices in emergency and security preparedness throughout its history. Office building security and emergency preparedness has always been a top concern.

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BOMA International works with many different organizations and government agencies to ensure that our members are aware of the newest technology and tools available to utilize when preparing for or dealing with an emergency situation.

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A safe building is a well-run building. Keeping and building occupants safe is a key priority for property professionals. This section includes resources and considerations to prepare for potential threats to your building. Use the resources in this section as a supplement for a thoughtfully crafted emergency preparedness plan.