2019 Federal Legislative Priorities


ADA Lawsuit Reform

BOMA International is working on behalf of property owners to curb the number of drive-by lawsuits related to minor ADA infractions. While there are legitimate violations, some lawsuits pressure owners into paying large settlements instead of simply fixing the violation, thus defeating the spirit of the law. BOMA believes that there should be safeguards built into the law to protect property owners from legal threats that do not allow them to first identify the ADA violation and then have a chance to remedy the problem before a financial settlement. This will ensure that disability access remains the primary driver of ADA lawsuits.

BOMA International ADA Lawsuit Reform position.
BOMA International ADA Lawsuit Reform One-Pager PDF.

Qualified Improvement Property

During tax reform, leasehold depreciation was inadvertently reverted from a 15-year to a 39-year leasehold depreciation schedule. Now referred to as Qualified Improvement Property (QIP), restaurant, retail and leasehold property also do not qualify for the 100% bonus depreciation that expires in 2022 because of the error. BOMA International is working with members of Congress to get this error corrected as soon as possible.

BOMA International Qualified Improvement Property position.
BOMA International Qualified Improvement Property One Pager PDF.


The Energy Efficiency Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction is vital to continued upgrades to energy efficiency in commercial properties. This is the only federal incentive that allows commercial buildings to upgrade their energy efficiency technology. BOMA continues to fight to make this deduction a permanent component of the tax code.

BOMA International 179D position.
BOMA International 179D One Pager PDF.

Other Legislative Issues

Beyond our priority issues, BOMA tracks additional legislation – including fire sprinkler incentives, terrorism insurance, and flood insurance – as it arises that may impact the commercial real estate industry.

Reach out to a BOMA International staff member below:

John Bryant
Vice President, Advocacy, Codes & Standards
John Bryant is responsible for leading BOMA’s advocacy team on and off Capitol Hill. His primary issue area is energy and environment.

Emily Naden
Director of Federal Affairs
Emily Naden represents BOMA members on tax and finance issues in front of Congress and the federal agencies.

Meg Novak
Manager of Government Affairs and PAC