Building  Owners  and  Managers  Association  International

Building Owners and Managers Association International


  • BOMA International's Commercial Lease: Guide to Sustainable and Energy Efficient Leasing for High-Performance Buildings: In the race to achieve the highest possible building performance, a building can only reach as high as the commitment of its tenants. That’s why BOMA “greened” its Guide to Writing a Commercial Real Estate Lease to provide a model for modifying lease terms to maintain energy efficient and sustainable building operations. The publication includes enforceable tenant responsibilities; pass-through provisions; green certification notations for ENERGY STAR®, LEED and GBI rating points; and hundreds of easy-to-read footnotes to provide answers and suggestions to the toughest lease clauses.
  • BOMA's 7-Point Challenge: BOMA International concluded its 7-Point Challenge, a five-year program designed to help incentivize voluntary market-driven efforts among commercial real estate companies to reduce their use of natural resources, non-renewable energy sources and waste production.