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Office Buildings Standard

Office-standard-covewhite.pngFor more than a century, BOMA has been the leader in floor measurement standards, starting with the publication of the first “Office Measurement Standard” in 1915. BOMA 2017 for Office Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.1—2017) is the latest update to the office standard, which has been regularly revised to reflect the changing needs of the commercial real estate market. BOMA’s 2017 Office Standard includes many new enhancements and clarifications to address evolving building designs and tenant amenities.

Features of the 2017 Office Standard include:

  • An easy-to-follow, step-by-step layout rewritten in simplified language with helpful hints, additional illustrations and an expanded Glossary of Terms.
  • Inclusion of best practice guidance developed following the publication of the 2010 Office Standard to address ambiguities and inconsistences.
  • Fully compatible with the International Property Measurement Standard for Office Buildings.
  • Inclusion of outdoor balconies, covered galleries and finished rooftop terraces that are for exclusive use by a tenant.
  • Removal of the Public Pedestrian Thoroughfare Boundary Condition so that all tenant spaces are measured the same.
  • Inclusion of major vertical penetrations at the lowest level so that all physical floor area is rentable area and openings in the floor are not included in rentable area.
  • Inter-building area to allocate amenity and service areas in use by specific groups of tenants rather than allocating those spaces to an entire floor or to the entire building.
  • Capped load factor may be applied on a tenant-by-tenant basis, but must not exceed the actual load factor.