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Mixed-Use Properties Standard

In recent years, developers, businesses and communities have realized the benefits of mixed-use properties, and their development has been supported by new zoning laws and other incentives in many areas. Floor measurements in mixed-use properties often presents challenges to developers, property managers, design professionals and others in the real estate industry, creating a clear need for a measurement standard to address the complexities of mixed-use properties. This publication, Mixed-Use Properties: Standard Meth​ods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.6—2012)​, meets that need.

The Mixed-Use Standard enables a user to consistently:

  • Classify the floor areas of a mixed-use property onto use components, parking components, and mixed-use common areas.
  • Measure the exterior gross areas of use components for office, industrial, retail and multi-unit residential use components, for which rentable area, gross leasable areas or unit areas are individually measurable using measurement standards published by BOMA .
  • Measure the exterior gross area of use components for which BOMA International does not publish specific measurement standards, such as hotels, theaters, institutional and civic uses, and of parking components
  • Measure the exterior gross areas of mixed-use common areas and fairly allocate those areas among all use components and parking components within a mixed-use property