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BOMA International Honors Grassroots Advocacy Excellence

February 28, 2014

Three BOMA State and Local Associations Honored with “Govies”
(WASHINGTON, D.C. – February 28, 2014) During its recent Winter Business Meeting in Washington, D.C., the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International honored three local and state associations for excellence in grassroots and issues advocacy through the Government Affairs Awards of Recognition Program (the “Govies”).  Each year, BOMA International’s State Government Affairs Committee acknowledges the outstanding work of BOMA state and local association volunteers in advocacy and education through the awards program.  Govies are presented in three categories: Outstanding Single Government Affairs Issue; Outstanding Single Government Affairs Program or Seminar; and Outstanding Government Affairs Committee.
BOMA/Metro Detroit was recognized in the category of Outstanding Single Government Affairs Issue for its work in defending the constitutionality of a Michigan state law passed in 2012 that protects commercial real estate loans.  In a unanimous decision, the three-judge Michigan Court of Appeals in April 2012 ruled that a lender can only recover the real estate that was mortgaged if a CMBS loan goes into default, and may not seek to recover a borrower’s personal assets.  The decision in this important case has very significant national ramifications with billions of dollars at stake for the commercial real estate industry around the country.
In the Outstanding Government Affairs Program or Seminar category, BOMA Ohio was judged the winner for its leadership in making a very convincing case against a massive expansion of the state sales tax on services that were included in the Governor’s budget proposal for FY 2013-2014. Beyond the negative economic impact the tax would have had on businesses and consumers, the tax would have had an extremely detrimental impact on three services that are vital to BOMA Ohio members: commercial rent, real estate management fees and parking fees.  Through such means as a call-to-action e-mail campaign, a well-organized and well-planned schedule to meet with key state legislators, and effective leave-behind materials, BOMA Ohio members achieved a great victory, and the proposed sales tax increase on services was stripped from the governor’s proposal.
BOMA/Houston was honored in the category of Outstanding Government Affairs Committee for its Legislative Advocacy Council (LAC), which has a very diverse group of representatives from a cross-section of their membership. With a clearly defined mission, the LAC has been able to focus on key legislative issues of priority importance to their members, and Council members have been able to take on several issues simultaneously. It has been noted that the LAC has done a great job raising awareness of the value and impact commercial real estate has on the local economy in the greater Houston area.
“BOMA’s grassroots advocacy is the best in the industry, and this year’s Govie winners are a great example of the important work happening at the state and local level,” commented BOMA International Chair Rich Greninger, managing director with Carr Properties. “The winners from BOMA local and state associations in Michigan, Ohio and Houston are winning precedent-setting victories for commercial real estate and helping grow the broader business community and economic development in the process.”
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