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2012 Member Value, Strategic Planning and ROI Top BAE Conference Agenda (10/24/12)

BAE-Conference250x166.jpgBOMA Association Executives (BAEs) from across the U.S. gathered in Washington D.C. October 18-20 to share best practices, learn new strategies and come away with knowledge and ideas to continue to strengthen the BOMA network and enhance member experience.

BAE Leadership Conference  sessions focused on several key areas, including education planning, a sneak peek at BOMA’s member survey results, succession issues, demonstrating membership ROI, accounting and budgeting, and sponsorship/partnership programs. BOMA International staff also briefed attendees on updates to the BOMA 360 Performance Program and the Asset Management Course. Jean Frankel, founder and president of Ideas for Action, LLC, led a group discussion on BOMA’s new Member Value Initiative that focuses on the nature of relationships among BOMA local associations, BOMA International and members to help meet the changing needs of the industry.

Janice Parham, BOMA/Greater Cleveland, with help from BOMA International’s education staff, led an Open Forum on Strategic Planning for Education. When asked what types of education local leaders are looking for, attendees said learning that focused on leadership, strategic planning, negotiating skills, technology, social media and time management, among other areas, are often requested. Participants noted that young professionals in particular are requesting education on leadership and presentation skills.

During the Succession Planning panel, moderator Melanie Schrul, BOMA/Ft. Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches and panelists Jeanie Merideth, BOMA/Greater Tucson and Pat Schwarze, BOMA/Suburban Chicago offered advice on the succession planning challenges that so many local leaders are facing. Schwarze noted that it’s important to “be identifying leaders for at least five years down the road” and to look to your strongest committee participants and chairs when identifying talent.

BAE-Conf_ROI-session250x162.jpgRod Kauffman, RPA, BOMA/Seattle King County, moderated a panel on Demonstrating ROI from Membership. Panelists Michele Dennis, BOMA/Greater Los Angeles and Tory Brubaker, CAE, BOMA/San Francisco, discussed successful marketing initiatives to demonstrate ROI to members and why it’s important to target messaging. Panelists noted that owners want the bottom-line savings information, real estate professionals (especially young professionals) want to know how membership can help advance their careers, and vendors want to know how membership will help them network and get close to customers. The always popular “Your Best Idea of the Year” Open Forum, had attendees sharing their best ideas for a chance at winning a cash prize. Great ideas included:

  • Reverse tradeshow where property managers sit at a table and vendors visit them.
  • Creation of a 501©3foundation as a means to partner with a local university on college curriculum that focuses on commercial real estate.
  • Tornado simulation exercise held in conjunction with preparedness vendors.
  • Hotline Alert to track crime at local businesses and buildings to make building personnel aware of crime hotspots.
  • Trick or Treat tradeshow where attendees have their trick or treat bags filled by vendors at booths.
  • Tailgate instead of tradeshow, outdoor event where vendors have trucks with barbeque instead of booths.
  • Casino party with proceeds going to support the BOMAPAC.The lucky winner was Larry Weintraub from BOMA/St. Louis for the Tornado Simulation exercise. Larry promptly contributed his cash prize to BOMAPAC.