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2012 Board of Governors Highlights

BOMA leadership got down to business during the Board of Governors meeting at BOMA’s annual conference in Seattle in late June. During the General Consent portion of the meeting, name changes were approved for two BOMA local associations. BOMA/Birmingham’s name was changed to BOMA/ Alabama and BOMA/Huntsville’s name was changed to BOMA/Northern Alabama. BOMA/Utah’s region change was approved from Pacific Southwest Region to Pacific Northwest Region.

BOMA Chair and Chief-Elected Officer Boyd Zoccola, BOMA/Indianapolis, presented Life Memberships to Wayne Baldock, RPA, CPM, BOMA/Nashville and John P. Kelly with BOMA/Minneapolis. Zoccola also presented Distinguished Service Awards to retired executive director Glenda G. Simcox with BOMA/Fort Worth and Kent D. Warden, RPA, retired executive vice president of BOMA/Minneapolis.

Zoccola delivered his Report of the Chair remarks, thanking the Board of Governors for their strong support over the past year and reminding them that BOMA gives members a strategic advantage at a time when budgets and resources continue to be cut. “The state of the association is strong and we are positioned for success as your national partner with new initiatives around asset management and more,” said Zoccola. “But we do have challenges to solve together, and a hallmark of BOMA throughout 105 years has been our ability to remain relevant and to reengineer ourselves to create value.”

During the Financial Update, Rebecca Hanner, CPM, RPA, BOMA Secretary/Treasurer, BOMA/Raleigh-Durham, reported that although YTD revenues were slightly lower than budgeted, membership numbers had remained steady and BOMA’s Partnership Program continued to strengthen. Hanner also reported that attendance at the Medical Office Building Conference continued to grow in 2012 and that the annual conference attendance was the highest since 2007.

360250z182.gifBOMA 360 Council Chair Dan Chancey, BOMA/Memphis, reported that 462 buildings had achieved the BOMA 360 designation. Chancey also announced the winners of the BOMA Local Participation Awards:

  • More than 300 Members category - BOMA/Metropolitan Washington won with 16 designated buildings in the past year. Honorable mentions went to BOMA/Dallas and BOMA/Houston with 13 buildings each.
  • 150 – 300 Members category - BOMA/Ft. Lauderdale & the Palm Beaches won with five buildings designated in the past year. Honorable mentions went to BOMA/Baltimore and BOMA/Orange County with four buildings each.
  • Less than 150 Members category - BOMA/Miami-Dade won with six buildings designated in the past year. Honorable mention went to BOMA/Sacramento with four buildings.
  • Most Corporate Submissions category - BOMA/Houston won with nine Brookfield Properties. Honorable mention went to BOMA/Minneapolis with five Ryan Companies buildings.

Earl Wayman, BOMA/Seattle, delivered the Education Advisory Council Update, noting that the 2012 Medical Office Buildings and Healthcare Facilities Conference achieved record attendance of 710 attendees and that the Foundations of Real Estate Management course continues to be successful, with 15 courses scheduled by BOMA local associations this year. He also reported that the Asset Management Council is working on developing the first course of an Asset Management series of programs and that this year’s Conference education included 46 sessions begin offered across five tracks.

BOMA International Vice Chair Rich Greninger, CPM, BOMA/Metropolitan Washington, reported that the 2012 Experience Exchange Report included operating income and expense data from 5,460 buildings in 257 markets for 125 cities, with more than 824 million sq. ft. represented. Of note, rental income increased 2.66 percent in 2011 after a dip last year and utilities decreased  2.59 percent—the  third year in a row that utility expenses declined. Tenant improvement costs increased more than 10 percent, which could indicate more tenants are moving into new space, and the square footage per office worker decreased by 4.52 percent.

Guest speaker Stephen Fuller, Ph.D., University Professor with George Mason University and author of BOMA’s 2012 Economic Impact Study, “Where America Goes to Work,” delivered key findings on the impact of building operations on the economy in the markets served by BOMA’s 93 local associations:

​Total Office Space (SF) ​$9.9 Billion
​Average Annual Operating Cost (SF) ​$8.05
​Total Building Operating Expenditures ​$80 billion
​Contribution to GDP ​$205 billion
​New Personal Earnings ​$61 billion
​Direct Jobs Supported ​2.2 million
​Indirect Jobs Supported ​1.6 million


Government Affairs Committee Chair Susan Engstrom, BOMA/Greater Phoenix, announced BOMA’s new policy position on lease accounting standards. The policy states:

“BOMA International opposes altering the current lease accounting standards in such a way that will negatively impact the real estate industry and economy as a whole by requiring businesses to unnecessarily burden their balance sheets with additional liabilities that do not recognize true economic reality.”

Energy & Environment Committee Chair Bill Moebius, BOMA/Dallas, announced the formation of a new task force to assess and implement the next steps in BOMA’s market transformation strategy.

John Scott, chair of the Sustainability Task Force, BOMA/Tampa Bay, reported that several BOMA members have made impressive strides in energy reduction through BOMA’s 7-Point Challenge, which concludes at the end of 2012.  Their achievements will be recognized at the Winter Business Meeting in January 2013. The deadline for submitting challenge completion information is Oct 1, 2012.

Chair of the BOMAPAC Committee Steve Hrbek, BOMA/Suburban Chicago, reported that BOMA raised $56,000 in 2011 and supported 24 members of Congress. So far in 2012, $22,000 has been raised, supporting 16 incumbents.  Conference PAC  fundraising is projected to bring in an additional $10,000 and BOMA/Seattle raised $10,000 for the BOMAPAC Administrative Fund.

Chair of the Industry Defense Fund (IDF) Oversight Committee Cary Fronstin, BOMA/Ft. Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches, reported that the current balance of the IDF is $756,413 and that recently approved projects include $20,000 to BOMA/Metro Detroit for the amicus brief to the Michigan Supreme Court for the Wells Fargo Bank, NA v. Cherryland Mall case.

Past Chair of the Preparedness Committee Joe Donovan reported that BOMA’s new Emergency Preparedness Guidebook was released in June and that the Real Estate Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REISAC) is being restructured to align with the banking and financing ISAC.

Chair of the Codes and Standard Committee Kent Gibson, BOMA Utah, reported that BOMA participated in recent ICC and ASHRAE meetings. At the recent codes hearings, BOMA staff reviewed and/or testified on 1,600 code change proposals. Key victories include harmonizing the ICC code with the revised 2010 ADA Standards. BOMA also led efforts to force reconsideration of the 50 percent added energy efficiency target in the development of ASHRAE’s 2013 edition of 90.1 Standard. Gibson also reported that the 2012 Industrial Standard received ANSI accreditation and BOMA plans to create a Campus Addendum to the Office Floor Measurement Standard.

Vice Chair of the Careers in Real Estate Task Force Laura Ragans, BOMA/Orlando, reported BOMA’s annual Student Day saw record participation with more than 60 students and faculty in attendance. Ragans also announced that a careers brochure will be coming out soon and that BOMA will be reaching out to veterans to help them pursue careers in CRE.

Chair of the National Associate Member Committee Jonathan Peck with UGL Services reported that beginning in July of 2012 a NAM member will hold a spot on BOMA International’s Executive Committee. For the third year in a row, the NAM Committee is sponsoring a blood drive on the show floor and encourages those who can to participate.

Guest speakers Dolores Bocian and Greg Grainger with BOMI International announced that BOMI would be working with BOMA on the returning veterans program and that BOMI is developing three new sustainability courses with BOMA/Georgia. They also reported that the FMA and RPA curriculum are undergoing a rigorous review to meet long-term goals.

BOMA Canada Chair David Judge reported on recent activities, including the hiring of BOMA Canada President and CEO Benjamin L. Shinewald in May. BOMA Canada membership currently represents 45,017 office and industrial buildings, totalling more than 2.3 billion sq. ft. Trends include upward pressure on rental rates and a reverse migration to the downtown core. Calgary is the hottest CRE market in Canada. Judge also reported that a retail category was recently added to their TOBY Awards program and announced that the 2012 BOMEX Conference will be held in Ottawa Sep 11-13.

BOMA International’s new Vice Chair and 2012-2014 executive committee members were approved during the meeting.

New Vice Chair:

John Oliver, CPM, managing director, Wells Real Estate Funds, Atlanta, Ga., BOMA/Georgia.

Executive-Committee300x157.gif2012-2014 Executive Committee Members:

  • Robert M. Brierley, vice president of operations, Boston Region, Brookfield Properties, BOMA/Boston, elected to serve a second two-year term
  • Brian D. Cappelli, RPA, vice president, Forest City Commercial Management, BOMA/Cleveland, elected to serve a second two-year term
  • J. Michael Coleman, vice president of marketing - commercial real estate, AlliedBarton Security Services, BOMA/Philadelphia; BOMA’s first allied member to serve on the Executive Committee.
  • Brian M. Harnetiaux, vice president, Transwestern, BOMA/Orange County
  • Wade W. Lange, RPA, FMA, CPM, vice president of property management, Langley Investment Properties, BOMA/Oregon, elected to serve a second two-year term
  • Keith Major, property director, Bentall LP, BOMA/Greater Toronto