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BOMA Vlog Issue 14


Shift Your Perspective This Summer

Summertime, with its longer days and more relaxed pace, can be a great time to engage your curiosity. This summer, I challenge you to expand and enrich your understanding of our industry by reading new articles, attending conferences (if you joined us in Orlando last month for our annual conference, you’re already ahead of the game!) or even considering whether practices from other buildings, cities or countries you visit during summer travels might create more value for your property or portfolio. This exploration not only can help you anticipate new industry trends, but it can shift your perspective on how you do business.

To help shift my perspective, I spent some time in one of the cubicles at BOMA International headquarters to better understand the trend of open office floor plans.  As you may hear around the 2:30 minute mark, one thing I discovered is that the open office configuration certainly has its drawbacks, especially when it comes to blocking ambient noise!


I hope you take some time this summer to find new inspiration that you can share with your team, with your local associations and even with me—don’t hesitate to send me articles for my CRE “summer reading list!”



Henry H. Chamberlain, APR, FASAE, CAE
President and COO
BOMA International

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