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BOMA Vlog Issue 11


BOMA Makes a Difference

Every day, I hear stories of property managers doing a great job managing assets—and many of these PMs tell me how BOMA helps them do their jobs that much better. Shouldn’t owners and asset managers also hear how BOMA makes a difference for you—and for them, too?

For our latest vlog, I wanted to highlight all the ways BOMA provides value to commercial real estate companies—and how our dedicated property management teams can share this information with the C-Suite.


I encourage you to share stories of the tangible benefits BOMA membership has provided you—whether those benefits are savings gained from advocacy and codes victories; the valuable professional relationships forged through networking opportunities; the excellent insights gained from our conferences and educational offerings; or enhanced building performance from benchmarking with the Experience Exchange Report®. Looking for an easy way to convey that value? The webpage offers just six compelling reasons why BOMA is the go-to resource for CRE professionals of all levels.



Henry H. Chamberlain, APR, FASAE, CAE
President and COO
BOMA International

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