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BOMA Florida Successful in Opposition to Ballot Amendment on Tax Caps

Congratulations to BOMA Florida for defeating Amendment 4, the Florida Property Tax, which was on the November 6, 2012, state ballot as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The amendment would have imposed tax caps on assessed values of commercial real estate; BOMA Florida argued that tax caps would disproportionately penalize some building owners, favoring those “first in time” who have secured a lower assessment.  Future development and future transactions of real property would have been burdened heavily.   Amendment 4 needed 60 percent voter approval, but fell well short with only 43 percent in favor.  

Lynn Vilmar, BOMA Florida President, said, “BOMA Florida strongly advocates the use of the grassroots efforts to communicate a detailed explanation of the consequences of proposed legislation, and  those efforts contributed to the defeat of Amendment 4.  Knowledge of the impact of the proposed tax cap prevailed over sound bite ads geared to obtain an emotional reaction.  Time and again, BOMA Florida members have used personal communications to enumerate the reasons for our advocacy stands.  Time and again, those grassroots personal efforts have defeated highly funded and high profile efforts that are not in the best interest of the Florida Taxpayers.”

Lacey Willard, Co-Chair of BOMA Florida’s Government Affairs Committee, added, “BOMA Florida has taken a consistent, outspoken position in opposition to artificially capping commercial real estate assessed values.  We have long warned that real estate tax caps create a disproportionate taxation system, and are encouraged that voters acknowledged this by rejecting en masse the five percent tax cap in Florida.  Our BOMA Florida Government Affairs Committee looks forward to furthering our advocacy efforts in support of fair and equitable participation among taxpayers.”