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State and Local Code Adoption Resources & Policies

2015 I-Codes Adoption Tools:

 Is your jurisdiction looking to adopt the 2015 Editions of the I-Codes? Need to know what changes have been made to the 2015 building or existing building code? BOMA’s advocacy team and our partners hav​e developed resources which outline the most significant changes that could both a positive and negative effect on the commercial real estate industry.  

BOMA International Codes/Standards Policy Positions              

Reasons to Actively Engage in Codes Advocacy

  1. The potential cost to the commercial real estate community is huge – so are the potential benefits. Each cycle there are hundreds of code changes submitted that on avoided costs by defeating overly burdensome codes proposals.

  2. Voting protocol at the International Code Council has changed. Voting members are now able to vote remotely. We need BOMA’s grassroots to educate this community on BOMA’s issues.

  3. BOMA is the only association with an active and robust codes advocacy program. If we don’t do it, who will?

Share this visual ROI of BOMA's Codes and Standards Program and show how implementing a codes advocacy team can save your members money.

Setting up a local Code Committee-