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​What is an e-Seminar?

e-Seminars are electronic seminars delivered over the Internet using full motion video, audio and graphics. Unlike classroom seminars, e-Seminars are available anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection. Eliminate travel and other costs associated with attending classroom seminars.

Get Renewal Credit

BOMA e-Seminars are approved for RPA, FMA, SMA, CPM, ARM and SIOR renewal credits. You will receive a completion certificate to document training with insurance companies and accreditation boards. Moreover, managers can independently track trainee progress and receive training records.

  • Comprehensive Building Security Planning
    In Partnership with BOMI International
  • Comprehensive security planning isn’t just about protecting physical assets but increasingly helps to attract and retain tenants. Learn how to develop a comprehensive security plan that will allow you to prevent, respond to and mitigate security threats, including criminal acts, workplace violence, bomb threats and terrorism. Find out how to create, manage, test and execute a successful building evacuation plan, including addressing occupants with special needs. Discover strategies for communicating with tenants; the community; the media; and government, law and safety/emergency officials. The course also includes tips for evaluating and selecting security systems, personnel and providers. Ultimately, developing a comprehensive security plan can help you assure the safety of your tenants and your asset, minimize your liability and prevent lawsuits.
  • Mold in Commercial Buildings
    In Partnership with Healthy Buildings International, Inc. and Intellum
  • Mold in commercial buildings can present costly issues for building owners and managers. Learn what molds are, how to identify them, and what damages they can cause. Find out how they enter buildings and how to prevent and control their growth, what their potential health effects of mold on building occupants—and how to calm tenant fears amid the media hype. Get tips on how to diagnose problems and select the best remediation approach. BOMA has teamed up with Healthy Buildings International and Intellum to offer this course.  Please direct questions regarding this course via e-mail at
  • Preparing Buildings for Sheltering in Place
    In Partnership with BOMI International
  • The aftermath of recent disasters like the London subway bombings and Hurricane Katrina has made it clear that sheltering in place plans are critical. Sheltering-in-place plans allow building occupants to remain inside a building for increased safety and security for a given period of time, where ingress and egress are controlled. This online seminar outlines the key components of a sheltering-in-place plan for commercial real estate managers and owners and offers insight into how to incorporate sheltering in place into your overall emergency preparedness plans.
  • Property Conditions Assessments
    In Partnership with BOMI International
  • Investors rely on Property Condition Assessments (PCA) to provide information and analysis of the physical condition of a property, and to minimize the risk associated with acquisition. This course module will outline the components of a PCA and discuss how the investigation, inspection, research, and analysis of the physical portions of the building and site are used to assess the current condition, remaining useful life, and cost estimates for the repair and/or replacement of individual components and systems. Learn what is typically included within the scope of a Property Condition Assessment and typical non-scope parameters and how this information can be used by property and facility managers, once the property has been purchased.

Have a Hot Minute for Fire Safety?

The U.S. Fire Administration introduces "Coffee Break Training", a series of skill-enhancing training bulletins for the busy property professional to enjoy and educate during their coffee break. Bulletins are only one page and are updated every Tuesday. For more information on this free program click here