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Building Owners and Managers Association International

BOMA Industrial Measurement Standard Seminar

Learn how to use the new 2012 Industrial Measurement Standard during this live, hands-on workshop. It is two hours long and crammed full of “how-to” content and graphical illustrations.​

Learning Objectives:​

  • Learn when to apply and how to specify the BOMA Industrial Standard
  • Know how the BOMA Industrial Standard works with the BOMA Office and Gross Area Standards
  • Understand how previous industrial standards evolved into the 2012 BOMA Industrial Standard
  • Review the features and organization of the new Industrial Standard
  • Understand the new terminology and concepts in the new Industrial Standard
  • Distinguish and choose between the two calculation methods and four leasing scenarios offered in the new Standard


Those attending will receive an electronic copy of the new BOMA 2012 Industrial Standard at a significant discount and free supplementary materials not in the standard, including Excel spreadsheets that will make it easier to apply the standard. 


Bill Tracy, MBA, NCARB, founder of Building Area Measurement LLC (BAM) where he has for 15 years been providing consulting, training and dispute resolution services relating to practices and standards of commercial space measurement in North America. Bill was the Vice-Chair of the BOMA International Floor Measurement Standard Committee for six years and one of the principal authors of the new standard and the developer of this seminar. Bill is one of the industry’s leading experts on floor measurement standards.​


For information on this training workshop in your city, contact your local BOMA association. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



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